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Your brake fluid transmits the force from your foot brake to the brake on each wheel.  This fluid should not be contaminated and should be free of water.

The issue is that brake fluid absorbs water vapour and over time this impairs the efficiency of your brakes.

We flush your old brake fluid out replacing it with new BMW approved brake fluid.

Your brake discs will wear with use and when too thin will fail the MOT – this is because the thinner the disc the hotter it can become under heavy braking which can in turn warp the discs.

As a guide you should replace your front discs every second set of brake pads and your rear discs every third set.  Your front discs need changing more often because under braking the weight of the car in effect moves to the front – which puts more strain on your front brakes. This is why your front brake discs are larger then your rear ones.

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