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The first generation Mini Cooper S and John Cooper Works was fitted with an ‘Eaton’ supercharger.  The supercharger has two independent oil reservoirs that need changing every 100,000 miles.  Unfortunately the supercharger needs to be removed to do this properly.

A device that increases the pressure of the fuel–air mixture in an internal combustion engine, fitted in order to achieve more engine power and efficiency.  Mini Fitted a Super Charger to the R52 and R53 – Super Charger Service

A supercharger is powered by the crankshaft whereas the turbocharger is driven by the exhaust gases that result from combustion. Superchargers will spin with speeds up to 50,000 RPM. The turbocharger is not directly connected to the engine and can spin much faster.

In the MINI R53 there are two advantages of a supercharger over a turbo:

  1. The supercharger has its own oil supply whereas the turbo shares its oil with the engine.  In the event that the engine oil runs low a turbo can become damaged due to lack of lubrication and can lead to the complete failure of the turbo leading to a very expensive repair.
  2. A turbo suffers from lag – a short time to build up enough exhaust pressure to spin the turbo effectively.  As the Supercharger is driven directly by the engine it does not suffer from this lag.

Step 1:  Remove the wheels, wheel arch liners, bumper and crash bars.

Step 2: Drain and remove the radiator.  The Air-Con Condenser can remain connected but needs to be supported and held out of the way.

Step 3: The supercharger is driven by the serpentine belt which needs to be removed along with the alternator.

Step 4:  The intercooler  is removed followed by the supercharger.

Step 5: With the supercharger removed you can now drain the oil – there are two oil reservoirs – one each side.  Drain and replace the oil with MIL-PRF- 23699G and DEF-STAN91-101 specification oil.

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