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A clutch change on the BMW MINI takes about 6 hours as the front subframe has to be removed in order to access the gearbox and clutch – so our quote is 6 hours labour plus parts.

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Mini Clutch Replacement


The clutch engages and disengages the engine.  When engaged the engine powers the driven wheels – when disengaged the engine can rev freely without the car moving.  When a clutch has worn out you will be unable to engage or connect the engine to the driven wheels.

The clutch disc is simply put a ‘friction’ disc that, when active, presses against the flywheel (which is directly connected to the crankshaft) by way of the pressure plate. ​


  • We will test the operation of the clutch.
  • If necessary, we will advise if the clutch plate, cover and release bearing need replacing.
  • We separate the gearbox from the engine.
  • We replaces the clutch plate, cover and release bearing.
  • We advise if other components like the flywheel need to be replaced.
  • We rejoins engine and gearbox.
  • We check clutch movement and will test drive car.
  • We will make adjustments if necessary.

  • Clutch slips whilst driving.
  • You cannot engage or change gear.
  • Car does not move at all.
  • Transmission makes an unusual noise whilst engaging/disengaging the clutch.

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