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Essentially, there are three generations of MIN’s – with generations marked not in years, but in changes in the models – and in common with BMW’s nomenclature these are always a letter and 2 numbers as follows:

Generation 1
2002-2006 –   R50 Hatchback/Hardtop Non-S
2005-2008 –   R52 Convertible S & Non-S
2002-2006 –   R53 Hatchback/Hardtop S

Generation 2
2008-2014 –   R55 Clubman S & Non-S
2007-2013 –   R56 Hatchback/Hardtop S & Non-S
2009-2015 –   R57 Convertible S & Non-S
2012-2015 –   R58 Coupe S & Non-S
2012-2015 –   R59 Roadster S & Non-S
2011-2016 –   R60 Countryman S & Non-S
2013-2016 –   R61 Paceman S & Non-S

Generation 3
2016-Now –   F54 Clubman S & Non S
2015-Now –   F55 4D Hatchback/Hardtop S & Non-S
2014-Now –   F56 Hatchback/Hardtop S & Non-S
2016-Now –   F57 Convertible S & Non-S
2017-Now –   F60 Countryman S & Non-S


A common problem on the early Mini Cooper S was the header tank would start to spit very slowly over time. This leads to corrosion on the nearby coil pack terminal.


A common problem on R56 Mini Diesel is that the start stop system stops working and displays a warning symbol on the dash.  This video shows you how to fix this problem.




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